How to Buy



Flat rate of USD 900 for each vehicle of value less than JPY 1,000,000
If it is auction we encompass the following services

-Auction fee
-Inland transportation
-Receiving and checking documentation
-Prepare export certificate
-Translation of export certificate
-Pictures of vehicle in Japanese port
-Radiation test for all vehicles
-Storage fee at port @30 days free
-Customs clearance in Japan
-Sending documents by DHL Invoice, BL, original export certificate and it's translation

Then we have to add the cost for the freight
*Rate is different depending for each country

CFR (Cost Freigh Rate): FOB + Freight 
CIF (Cost Insurance Freight): If we add insurance


Service LHD conversions 


Although there are some countries where RHD (Right Hand Drive) vehicles cannot be imported
here at MKT JAPAN CO., LTD. with over 10 years of experience, can provide you the following services
1.Partial conversion: is just changing the handle to pass customs on your side, requires additional work when landing to its final destination.
2.Full conversion: includes the change of the rack pinion making it like an original LHD, so your vehicle is more than ready to go without any extra work.
​Feel free to ask for more details.